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articles on food waste recycling into useful products?

20 Oct Posted by in Recycle | 1 comment

Question by haikiat: articles on food waste recycling into useful products?
this is related to environmental studies, on reduce, reuse and recycle. please help

Best answer:

Answer by Gigi
Industrial or domestic?
I’m thinking you could look into straw bales…(after the wheat is removed.) Houses are built with those. Bedding for livestock which later will turn into compost.
Corn cobs… people use to heat their houses or fuelled their wood stoves (for cooking) when wood wasn’t readily available.
Some kitty litter companies are using ground up corn cobs in their biodegradable/flush-able litter.
Coconut shells are useful…containers, carving into something decorative.
Maybe these thoughts will get you started, sorry it isn’t more detailed. Other than compost, I can’t think of any other use at the moment.

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One comment

  • david m says:

    There are many ways these can be achieved.


    Using and cooking fresh food reduces the energy used in the production, packaging, storage and transportation of the items.

    In the Far East some uneaten food scraps from diners plates in resteraunts and hotels is collected, treated and fed to the poor.

    Scraps from fish or meat can be boiled to produce stock.
    Trimmings from fish can be used to make fishcakes.
    The skin and scraps of meat from chicken carcases are regular used to make chicken nuggets.


    The most obvious is composting.

    Many used oils can be collected cleaned and turned into biofuel to run engines.

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