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Do you recycle? What would you do with those big heavy well constructed dogfood bags?

17 Feb Posted by in Recycle | 11 comments

Question by mamacedar: Do you recycle? What would you do with those big heavy well constructed dogfood bags?
Those things are probably stronger than a tarp and we are trying to figure out something good to use them for.

What do you recycle? How do you use it?

Best answer:

Answer by Helios
Dog food bags would go in with cardboard probably.

I recycle any aluminum – that’s a very difficult and expensive metal to separate, and that makes a beer can an almost strategic item.


clear plastic

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  • jst4pat says:

    California is big on recycle..we have curb side pick up every week..I recycle, cans, bottles, glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, junk mail, styrofoam, and clean green {lawn clippings, tree and garden waste,} All Ewaste is also recyclable, We hauled a TV all over the Eastern States on Vacation because there was no place to recycle it..every one told us just to dump it in the garbage..I don’t think so..We went 4 months without a TV as we couldn’t get rid of the old one, and there wasn’t enough room in the RV for 2 tvs..only thing we missed was the news..and sometimes it was just as well we didn’t know what was going on…

  • noonecanne says:

    There are certain areas in my backyard that I don’t want to mow so I have taken those big bags and lay them over the grass/weeds and put the free wood chips over the top. The bag is thick enough to kill the grass/weeds and the wood chips hold it down. Dog food bags are not acceptable for my recycle bin.
    I recycle paper of all kinds, plenty of aluminum cans, and most plastics. I also recycle old pillows … wash and pull out the fill and make a new decorative pillow.

  • Inundated in SF says:

    We recycle everything that we can–so much so that we only have a wee bit of regular trash these days. Those dogfood bags can be used to stuff gardening and tree clippings in for composting (the whole bag with the stuffing can probably be tossed into a composting pit). You can cut a neck hole and arm holes and wear them as Halloween costumns (or as clothes if things get much worse economically). Rain gear? Fill them with soil and use them as planters (or tree root bags). If you can sew, you can probably make tote bags out of them, laundry bags (um, but you’d have to figure out how to clean them first I guess).

  • patty* says:

    Out at the farm they are used for burnable garbage, or just put in the wood stove.

  • Jeff (weseye) Wesley says:

    I fill the bags with trash and toss them into the trash bin for pick up. So we do recycle it.

  • DR W says:

    We recently began a new recycling program where I live. A small hinged-lid hamper on wheels is used for newspapers, cardboard, plastics, and aluminium and lifted and dumped by a special truck.

  • Jim says:

    Yes, I recycle. However, this place is a working farm. Things like dog food bags get used to collect trash, then it all gets burned.

  • grin and barrett says:

    If you have dog food bags, you also have the dog waste. That’s what we use them for. With 3 dogs and the fact that it’s still winter here, they are very useful.
    We recycle religiously here. We have been doing it for many, many years. I recently cancelled the newspaper because of all the additional waste. I can read it on-line. oops,I may be contributing to the decline of the papers going out of business;-(.

  • Lynn says:

    Because they are so thick and sturdy, I have used them for donations,
    and also for yard debris, when I was out of yard bags. These are really
    good for twigs that might poke through a regular plastic yard bag.
    Spring is when we do our clean up,and there are lots of twigs and
    things blown around. So having a sturdier bag for long things does
    come in handy.
    Our landlord said for us to burn our paper in our fireplace. But it
    seems like we’d be cleaning out ashes more often than we’d like.
    And paper does create creosote, which can eventually lead to a fire
    hazard in the chimney. I would imagine that the pet food bags could
    be tightly rolled into a log, and placed so that it could aid in starting
    a fire on a cold evening, with kindling added soon after. I might try
    that myself, to see how highly combustible it is. And we have alot of
    kindling to use also.

  • Texas granny turtle says:

    They make good yard leaf bags or yard trash bag.
    We have to seperate that here now.
    Also once I used one to fill up with donation to Goodwill or some charity truck. I did shake it out good though.

  • Me-She 2 says:

    I used to have them every month for cat food. I’d fill them with weeds & toss them in the garbage can.
    The only thing I recycle is plastic bottles, cans, clear & brown & green glass bottles & I get a nice return that fills my gas tank every 3 months. I don’t have time to deal with any more than that.

    I do have an occasional thought to slip a bag over some peoples heads….but that’s just a thought that goes away after a few seconds…like the urge for chocolate. LOL!

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