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how can we recycle the home garbege?

09 Nov Posted by in Recycle | 1 comment

Question by pinky: how can we recycle the home garbege?
home garbage consist of different types of thing so what is the convient method to recycle the things.

Best answer:

Answer by Richard M
Who say recycling is convenient.
Need to many different receptacles.
That’s right must be sorted and kept separate.

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One comment

  • Jim B says:

    It depends on several things such as the space you have, how handy you are, how much money you want to spend and what your community says needs to be separated for pickup or drop off. If you are only recycling one or two items or can mix your recyclable materials then a pull-out recycling bin system that fits into a kitchen base cabinet may be ideal. These units are available at home centers and stores like The Container Store. A simple and less expensive way to handle only a few items is to use stackable plastic bins that you can place near the kitchen trash can or in some other convenient place like a pantry or the garage. For keeping several types of items separated for recycling it may be best to put several different colored cans near the outside trash cans or in a garage and have one or two bins in the kitchen area that you empty frequently, separating the items into the other cans.

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