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Importance of Home Recycling and Recycling Bins

09 Mar Posted by in Recycle | Comments

Judaic Reminder
how to recycle
Image by spdl_n1
Unfortunately, most of Lebanon’s Jews have long since departed for Israel. But you do see little reminders of their presence from time to time… You can also see here how the Crusaders would recycle Roman columns when building their castles or fortifications. Chopping up the columns and placing them in the walls horizontally helped to strengthen them against earthquakes, apparently.

Importance of Home Recycling and Recycling Bins

Importance of Home Recycling and Recycling Bins

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Home Page > News and Society > Recycling > Importance of Home Recycling and Recycling Bins

Importance of Home Recycling and Recycling Bins

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Posted: Jan 06, 2011 |Comments: 0


Globally and increasingly recently there is a widespread awareness and movement towards recycling and reusing the resources we use and consume. But no initiative is more commonplace especially amongst councils and governments than recycling for the home and businesses.

Many councils have a recycling scheme that is usually collected fortnightly, although it will vary from council to council as to the level of coverage of each scheme. Some councils for example will only recycle glass, paper, cardboard or plastic and not have a comprehensive recycling scheme, but industry experts suggest it is only a matter of time until the vast majority of the UK will have a comprehensive recycling campaign across all councils.

Waste recycling is particularly beneficial to the environment. Perhaps the biggest environmental benefit is the dramatic reduction of waste that is dumped in landfill sites and the correct use of home recycling bins can be a part of this fight. Recycling waste will encourage the conservation of natural resources such as oil and gas for a lot longer, and increasingly leads to cost savings in the production of new products and packaging.

Many councils supply a standard recycling box, but there are now various home recycling bins on the market and the consumer encouragingly has a wide choice now in recycling bins to fit the pocket and style of every household.

Home recycling bins are specifically designed for storing and containing each waste material. These recycling boxes will often come in different colours making it easier and more recognisable to distinguish between each type of waste recycling. Getting everyone involved in this process especially the children is a great way to learn about and the importance of sustainability, conservation and recycling at an early age.

Many of the modern recycling boxes and bins now have multi-compartmental spaces, which is ideal for separating each of the recycling materials. All packaging now displays a recycling symbol or will indicate whether or not the material and product itself can or cannot be recycled. A good idea is to locate any recycling boxes and bins next to the trash receptacle as an easy and convenient place when disposing of waste.

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Helen B McRae
About the Author:

Helen champions green and sustainable living and advocates the use of recycling bins in households across the country. Less Lettuce provides good consumer information on stockists and pricing on a variety of recycling boxes.


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