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Q&A: How do I go about starting a recycling program at my school?

19 Dec Posted by in Recycle | 2 comments

Question by glitter_n_shine2009: How do I go about starting a recycling program at my school?
Our EastLab wants to start a recycling project and I am in charge of it. Does any one have any suggestions regarding how to collect the waste, what materials we will need, etc.? Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Anthony S
Make the proposal to the school district. Find out when the school district holds it’s public meetings and go. Maybe just set up a meeting to talk to your principle for starters.

The city your school is in may have a recycling program and will probably provide all of the recycling cans for the building. If not, find out who manages the waste for that area and contact their office to find out about getting the program off the ground from a logistics standpoint.

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  • zaphod10 says:

    Look at the web reference below for the U of MN recycling center. This will give you some idea of the scope. You’ll need collection containers and a secure place to store the material. Some local volunteer organizations will collect the material and use it to fund activities. Collecting recycled material requires attention to sanitation and dedicated staff to keep up with the volume.

    Good luck,

  • carmenl_87 says:

    You could start by asking what will be recycled and what wil be treated as general waste

    Topics use to be:
    – paper
    – glass
    – metal
    – organic
    – plastic
    – general waste

    In places with a lot of tradition in recycling, people dont use to classify in more than 3 or 4 cans. If you put 6 cans probably your program will fail

    You better start by 2 cans: 1.- One for something very popular (maybe paper in a school) and 2.- General waste

    Once people use to recycle paper, add a second can (maybe plastic or metal) etc.

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