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Q&A: If recycling turned out to be a waste of time would you feel betrayed?

11 Apr Posted by in Recycle | 4 comments

Question by Michael is tired but still Ninga: If recycling turned out to be a waste of time would you feel betrayed?
Hypothetically! Would you?
What if it was harming the environment! Blame this video! It made me think recycling is just another gri gri!

Best answer:

Answer by ?baby c
recycling is pretty much pointless now

i mean a couple of people who recycle cos its the new trend isn’t gonna cut it especially when it will take over 300 yrs after humans leave the earth to get it back to its natural state….

to help the earth we should all just die then??

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  • thor says:

    Since we know that most recycling isn’t a wast of time, it’s a hard question to answer. I’d feel as betrayed as if someone pointed out the sky was actually fluorescent pink instead of blue.

  • idahojule says:

    I think we have to go back and look at what people are recycling. I recycle my fruits and veggies in the form of compost. Is that a waste of time? I don’t think so. What I don’t like is all the plastic we have that takes forever to decompose if it ever does. I try to stay away from plastic but man, is it hard these days. It’s everywhere. I use safer cleaning, laundry and personal care products that are safer for me and the environment. I try to be conservative with the water we use. I even try to save some of snow melt as water for our garden.

    I guess the real question here is-Should we get rid of plastic products, toxic products, etc. Would we even have to recycle if we were to rid our planet of plastics? Let’s go back to paper bags and plant trees as a farm crop to sustain the paper making. How did people in the old days do it?

    That video was awful by the way. Way too many bad words. I shut it off after a minute or so.

    We all need to do our best. But when you are given the worst, what do you do?

  • RPattz lover says:

    yes i would feel betrayed,like it was a waste of time, and the recycling truck truckers would feel double betrayed,wasting their time collecting recycling bins >_>

    i mean,i actually care for the earth. i actually DO recycle, and convince others to do the same, and “if it was harming the environment”, i would feel 100x betrayed.

  • hello, mcfly says:

    i don’t recycle.
    Bad, Courtney! Bad!

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