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Q&A: Should there be a federal law makeing states recycle.waste.?

12 Mar Posted by in Recycle | 5 comments

Question by kefer39: Should there be a federal law makeing states recycle.waste.?
I think so.

Best answer:

Answer by HB
How many more “laws” do you want? Do you have any idea how many we already have? Fewer laws and more common sense.

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  • open4one says:

    Only if you first repeal the Tenth Amendment.

  • adventureman1243 says:

    I think it’s good to recycle but i don’t think that it should be a law. this is supposed to be a free country we should be forced to do stuff like that

  • nursesr4evr says:

    States already recycle. Why have more people looking into your business?

  • lady_hawk0072000 says:

    only if they pay for it, every law they pass is one liberty lost,

  • idraw4me says:

    Yes. i think so. I think everyone should recycle. Its better for the environment. I don’t want to be still living when we destroy the atmosphere with our waste and not be able to go outside and play because the suns rays burns our skin badly. I don’t want to be alive when run out gasoline or any types of oils when we need them.

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