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Q&A: What is a new product that relates to recycling that I can sell to people in poverty?

08 Jul Posted by in Recycle | 1 comment

Question by Becky: What is a new product that relates to recycling that I can sell to people in poverty?
I just need the basic idea of a product that relates to recycling and that I can sell (for a low price) to those in poverty. The product has to be sustainable.

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Answer by Anson
I am unknown about this.

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One comment

  • J. says:

    food in recyclable containers.

    f you are in poverty in the industrialized world, your concerns are food and shelter.

    If you are in poverty any where else in the world, your concerns are drinking water, food and shelter- and they really do not care about recycling in the manner you do. If they can burn it- they will. Either for heat or for cooking.

    Think about it- if your concerns are to get enough money to put on the table- recycling is at the bottom of the list of your concerns. For example- in the Sudan- they have no need for a recycling bin. Curbside recycling in Egypt is non-existent. They have greater concerns.

    In the US- if you are on the street homeless- you may concern yourself with picking up aluminum cans- not because of environmental concerns but for the money you get for the metal. In the tent cities near LA, I am sure there may be a couple of people so socially engineered they feel they must continue to recycle, but they are very small in numbers. Those people there have greater concerns. Recycling is not one of them- except for cans for the money.

    This is what market research is all about.

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