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Should we face a fine if we don’t recycle our household waste?

26 Mar Posted by in Recycle | 6 comments

Question by Jessica: Should we face a fine if we don’t recycle our household waste?
Writing for Birmingham Recycled.

Best answer:

Answer by iHateVirus
Certainly not !
I can say 10% or even lesser of the world’s population do recycle daily.
People nowadays don’t care about recycling, but if we don’t start now
in the future there will certainly be chaos.

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  • James says:

    recycling really doesn’t take a lot of energy and it heps reduce a lot of the waste and raw materials.
    recycling one plastic bottle can reduce 30% of the amount of energy it takes to create it. you’re helping our planet this way please reconsider about recycling

  • Jenny says:

    That would be a great world to live in, but it’s not practical. Instead of fining people who don’t recycle, why not reward them when they do. Say for instance every time you recycle your city gives you a credit for the “Garbage and Sewer” fees. I don’t know how they would figure this out, but I would like to not have to pay the city to pick up the garbage.
    In my community the city gave us a green bin that can be filled with recyclables. It’s really simple and easy and you don’t need to sort thru things. This has been a great help, because I feel great everytime something I throw away can be put into the recycling bin.
    As for fining people, there is just too much politics involved to get something like that started.

  • Moe says:

    No they shouldn’t fine you but if you are provided with separate bins and refuse to separate they should just stop picking up your garbage.

  • Doug says:

    No, it wouldn’t work, mainly because the ludicrous bureaucracy with which councils run is such that people would get fined when they shouldn’t. Fortunately I live in a place where all recycling except glass is thrown in one big green bin, but I know other people in other areas who have to go to ridiculously fussy lengths to recycle, and if they get it wrong they get fined anyway. In short, the way councils run is not compatible with the way normal people think.

  • Andrew says:

    We already do.
    I actually agree with it, however I would hate to see someone who was visually impaired or a confused older person being punished for a genuine error.

  • Dandydimmer says:

    No I dont think so but some local authorities may charge you if you dont recycle,its all those diferent coloured bins younow got one for plastic,one for glass and so on,how can you remember which is which.

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