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waste help?

02 Feb Posted by in Recycle | Comments

Question by Jw: waste help?
Yr 8 Waste
Research the 5 commonest waste materials from the home and the industry.
Remember to use charts graphs and pictures.
What are their uses? – Eg:-card for packaging
Research the 5 most commonest waste materials for Asia, Europe, North America and Africa
Which country has the most waste per head?
Suggest possible solutions for reducing excessive waste.
Research waste disposal:
Recycling/reusing/Burning/land fill
Which is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly for?
Which modern products are the hardest to dispose of and explain why?

Write about your findings using graphs, charts and pictures and explain what you have found out. Are we producing more waste in the 21st century than we did in the 20th century? Will we produce more waste in the future or less? Explain your answers by using your findings.

Best answer:

Answer by bameripino

home waste materials: synthetic cleaning materials
industry waste: excess carbon dioxide

home-to cut through grease more easily
industry-car fumes

waste disposal:
recycling-the most environmentally friendly
reusing-both cheap and environ. friendly
burning-adds carbon dioxide crap to the Ozone
landfills-disgusting holes filled with shit. not exactly environmentally friendly, eh?

Most cost effective/environmentally friendly

paper/card-consumes millions of trees every year.
plastic-for plastic bags only-over 10 billion gallons annually.
aluminum-easiest the recycle
glass-made from sand; aka dead coral. excellent for environment.

the hardest to dispose of-plastic. it takes 10 years just to begin biodegrading.

Yes, we are producing more waste than in the 20th century. Up until about 100 years ago, factories didn’t exist. Factories produced immense amounts of smog that contributed to the Ozone Hole. Also, up until 100 years ago, cars were powered by steam, a reusable substance also known as WATER. This was both cost effective and environmentally friendly. In the future, we most likely will produce more waste than even now, and hurl the entire place we rely on to live straight into Hell.

there. hope youre satisfied. seriously. i worked on this.

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