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what should we recycle, and what should we just throw away?

15 Mar Posted by in Recycle | 5 comments

Question by Hitler, Where Art Thou?: what should we recycle, and what should we just throw away?
I heard people say that metal is the only thing worth recycling. My friend said paper especially isn’t worth the effort because there are only a few paper factories in the US and they’re all in the southern states, and only about <50% of recycled paper gets reused. Also, accepting recycled waste from all the other states when they could just cut down local trees is bad for their business. Is this true? What about plastic and glass? @Scythian: yes aluminum, that's precisely what my friend said Best answer:

Answer by Wool Coat O’Neal
recycle everything you can

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  • pursues says:

    Reducing and reusing is much better than recycling, because it requires energy to recycle, and no energy to reduce or reuse.

  • bennosjared says:

    go to earth 911

  • RuthAnn says:

    We recycle the main 3 === plastic, metal, and glass. Each one of these saves lots of fuel from being wasted for brand new creation of said materials. Paper and rags help too, but our life style seldom has these items to throw away. China buys most of our recyclable plastic bottles — they can’t get enough really.

  • DR.Rosen says:

    Yes, plastic and glass should be recycled,. The regulations where they exist are that plastic and glass have to be recycled as well. Recycled bottles if turned in are reused, like Coke bottles for example.I agree with you that metal is the most valuable recycled material In fact people steal iron and copper to resell

  • Yamamoto says:

    recycling is evil. It is perceived environmentalism which makes consumers feel warm and fuzzy about raping the environment by giving them the perception of being environmentally friendly because they are “recycling” their blatant waste. The only way to save the environment is to stop consuming its resources in the first place.

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