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Q&A: how i feel about the environment. important, please read?

04 Dec Posted by in Recycle | 6 comments

Question by person: how i feel about the environment. important, please read?
The environment is seriously changing as the years pass. People can deny it, but our environment is slowly being destroyed. We pollute, many people don’t recycle, we waste, and many(not all) ignore the fact that we are destroying the environment. Humans are the cause of this. It is not a myth that we are polluting. I feel that it is our responsibility to get ourselves out of this mess, and go green for the better. Recycle, ride a bike instead of driving, drive a more fuel efficient car, and maybe join an environmental group. What are your feelings on this topic? No rude comments please. thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Bewildered
My wife and I cleaned the trash on two miles of local highway and one mile on our side road as well.Just get out there and do it,don’t wait for somebody else to start.You can make a difference.Already other people have followed our example.

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  • Katie says:

    I recycle everything that can be recycled. also, my dad drives a prius.

  • Sijo M says:

    Yes need to reduce the carbon footprints produced each day. Just make a promise that we will not misuse resources and other facilities . It will harm environment. Let us all work together to save the enviornment.

  • BeWaterWise Rep says:

    I agree with you. Yes the environment has changed over the past few years. Along with many other things one of our most precious resources – Water – is at stake. Fresh water levels in many parts of the world have dropped significantly. Places like Southern California are facing fresh water shortages. Hence it is very important for us to conserve water. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to save water: Please check them out and pass it on to friends and family members. We all need to make a conscious effort to save water. Like you said, it is our responsibility to protect the environment.

  • thebestpear says:

    the earth will always change, as it has in the past.
    as such, ecosystems are adapting; this can cause loss of biodiversity, shifting biomes etc. however badly we pollute the air, water, and soil, the consequences will never be fully predictable, but it has certainly been predicted by many. this means that instead of trying to prevent inevitable changes, preservation and education can aid in transferring knowledge of environmental importance so that people will understand the necessary ecosystem services they rely upon.

  • George says:

    In order not to pollute one needs to live making as little money as possible. You can live on little money and not be cheap. Living small has the smallest impact on the environment. However, not many people get credit for living small. Living large having the biggest and the best is given more credit.

    I have designed and lived a life style that is designed to have very small impact. Comments I get are it is not for everybody. Everybody could do it but it’s such a big change.

    However, if your goal is comfort not extravagace, living close to your job or at your job , being self-self employed, that is, providing your own services and using environmental ethics its a great life. People respect you for it but see it as something they would not do.

    I live in my bread truck. The truck is packed with well organized tools. I park my bread truck at work and never go anywhere except to work and to the grocery. I live on $5,000 per year with my girlfriend and dog.

    Everyone I know who lives in a house has problems. I have convinced a few people to organize a bread truck (step van) and becoming free. Those who have just look at the world and wonder why people just don’t live in a bread truck. You are mobile, can stay anywhere, can work anywhare and don’t have to go anywhere. Just drive where you need to be and stay there.

    Kids love the van. I have no plumbing. I shower everyday using 4 gallons of water I dump over my head. I recycle human manure. I have a small under the bed heater that heats in winter for $0.25

    I’m self employed and self-self employed. I am very encouraging because encouragement is building and not destructive. I’m very happy and do my own mechanic work, cooking, laundry.

    I have invented many labor saving devices. For example, 2×2’s with small deck screws in two opposite sides every 4 inches. I hang the clothes on two opposite screws. I can dry 5 loads of laundry on 5 2×2’s without using clothes pins.

    Organization is stored energy. The more organized and efficient one is the less labor and the less energy one uses. Organizing a life style that is low impact will of course be very different than the traditional life style. However, self improvement becomes entertainment.

  • John W says:

    The way I see it is that walking, riding bikes more, and purchasing local produce actually results in a better more involved quality of life. It isn’t necessary to be shamed into a more sustainable life style, just do it because it’s a better way to live.

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